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What can we say? We have an obsession with pens — primarily, Parker pens and early/unusual eyedropper and self-filling pens. When Gregory Sachs acquired this collection from Fultz in 2009 he was impressed with the quality of collecting within these two primary niches, however, there was a total absence of particular brands, level filling pens, non-Parker plastic pens.

What Is The Sachs-Fultz Pen Collection?

The initial primary objective of the Sachs-Fultz collection was to acquire the 100 model numbers which Parker used to catalog its pens.  However, this task became confusing due to Parker reusing numbers for different models and a wide array of color options for certain models.

Through discussion with Fultz, and a better understanding of the original intentions of his collecting, we have learned that the primary goal was to have a collection and not just a mass accumulation of pens. Through this collection, Fultz hoped to learn more about the history and economics of pen design, manufacturing and marketing. This is why there was such focus and strain placed on pens made prior to 1970.

Also, a commonly known fact among pen collectors is that typically pens aren’t “for sale”. When Fultz was acquiring the bulk of the Parker pens, he had to barter for pens of equal value or intrigue. In the case of Fultz, he once had a great deal of Moore Safeties, sterling/solid gold pens, Carey and Sterling pens, and Watermans, but decided to trade them in for Parkers through his collecting years. Frequently what is attractive to pen collectors is the history surrounding the pens: what makes them special? What came before? Etc.

This collection is no exception.

Then, enter Gregory Sachs, an avid pen enthusiast and the man who ultimately acquired the Fultz collection and has been adding to it ever since. His intention: to expand the collection into other brands and to restore those pens and pen companies which were swapped for Parkers long ago.

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Sachs-Fultz Pen Collection Overview

Original Sachs Fultz-Collection   (over 1000 pens)

  • Parker Pens (Best collection of early Parker pens in World.) Also large amount of prototypes and model shop pens. Dating into the 1960’s.
  • Early U.S. made pens with unusual filling mechanisms (hundreds of pens from dozens of makers)
  • Century Pens (several dozen pens)
  • Corona & other Janesville, WI area pen makers (several dozen pens)
  • A. A. Waterman pens (Several dozen pens)
  • Dip pens (several dozen pens)

Additional Pens Added To The Collection

  • Montblanc
  • Pelikan
  • Sheaffer
  • Conklin (Post Crescent filler pens)
  • Wahl Eversharp
  • Swan (Post eyedropper fillers)
  • Large group of ephermera
  • Inkwells and desk sets

In addition to the above collections, there are hundreds of pens that were bought individually to fill in gaps in the collection. Dates of purchase for each pen are noted in the database.

Besides pens & ephemera, we have a large archives of pen related information. It includes personal family items and papers, as well as pen catalogs, advertising, factory information, films, tapes, and photographs.

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